Just Released 3rd Edition of "Aloha - What it Means to My ʻOhana and Yours"

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Welcome to Aloha Publishing Hawaiʻi

Welcome to Aloha Publishing Hawaiʻi

Welcome to Aloha Publishing HawaiʻiWelcome to Aloha Publishing Hawaiʻi

Aloha Publishing Hawaiʻi

 Aloha Publishing Hawaiʻi was established in 2015 on the island of Kauaʻi and is dedicated to promoting inspirational and educational materials that help perpetuate Aloha and the Hawaiian culture worldwide. Our goal is to share Hawaiian traditions with visitors, support local schools, authors, artists, businesses and residents. The mission is to always promote peace and hope through books, education, seminars and public awareness. 

Our books are purchased by individuals to use or as gifts, schools and educators, visitors to the islands, resorts, wholesale and retail outlets.

The greatest gift you can give to someone and one of the most unique educational books available for kids on character, culture and Aloha.



The best part of happiness is that it can be shared without ever running out. I believe that the potential for the greatest positive changes lies in our ability to share our blessings with others. Lahela and Ann have shared what they have to truly make the world a better place in which to live.  I am so inspired by their work and excited to share it with my students.  The impact it will have will ripple through the lives of all who receive their message.  I have taught young children for 24 years and am saddened at the tragedy and hardships so many children face in their young lives.  Being able to share the positive words from this lovely book will brighten the lives of my students and provide them with the inspiration they need to lead happy lives.  With so much focus on testing and standards in education these days, this book will help balance what is needed most.  It will address the whole child, their character, their heart and it will be done in a unique way.  Lahela, having been raised on the beautiful island of Kauai, provides insight into good character through a culturally relevant, Hawaiian perspective.  You will learn about what true ‘Aloha’ really is.

Marylee Fredericksen - Elementary School Teacher Hanalei School

3rd Edition - A Hawaiian Cultural Activity Book


A book about Aloha and about this special place we call home "Hawaiʻi "


Just Released -  Our 3rd Edition of Aloha  - What it Means to My Ohana and Yours.

This beautifully done 48 page book is full of

This beautifully done 48 page bookis full of colorful illustrations depicting life in Hawaiʻi and engaging activities tells the story and lessons of Aloha as shared by Lahela Keikila’au’o’wakanahele Chandler Correa born and raised on the island of Kauaʻi.  The books share each character building activity in a fun and interactive manner through the culture, use of the lHawaiian language, and customs of the Hawaiian people. The lessons as taught to her by her parents and all the generations before them, instill love, harmony and respect for each other and their community.  we invite you to learn and become an Aloha Ambassador by helping perpetuate the peaceful message of Aloha Worldwide.

Every child, every person can benefit from the simple, yet beautiful lessons of Aloha. It truly is a book that the whole family can enjoy.             

Learn and Share Aloha today!!

Written, Illustrated, Published & Printed in Hawaiʻi - 100% LOCALLY MADE


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Reading with ALOHA!!

Reading with Aloha from Kekaha Elementary School on Kauai

Awesome school, awesome teachers/staff, awesome students!

Enjoy and help spread a little Aloha!   Mahalo Kekaha for sharing our books with your school!

Aloha from the North Shore of Kauaʻi

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Just Released - Teachers Guide/Curriculum available for the Aloha books; upper and lower elementary.  

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